Sunday, December 12, 2004

Prinz Myshkin - Munich

Prinz Myshkin
Hackenstrasse 2, Munich.

The German Christmas markets are great fun and have a wonderful atmosphere. We went to one in Frankfurt a couple of years ago and this year, we had decided to go to Munich. My experience of vegetarian Frankfurt had been trying to figure out what was in the big pots of food for sale in the market and trudging the streets trying to find that saviour of vegetarians, the Italian restaurant.

So it was with delight that through Happycow.Net I discovered the website of the Prinz Myshkin vegetarian restaurant in Munich. The menu looked extensive and sounded very tasty, so we decided to try it out on our first night in the city.

The restaurant is situated in Hackenstrasse, not far from the main market square Marienplatz and is very neat, airy and well decorated. It also has a non-smoking section which, I’m told, is unusual for German restaurants. The menu was extensive. I’m really not used to seeing a whole menu of vegetarian options and it throws me every time.

We started by sharing a large plate of Antipasti. The dish consisted of aubergines, peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, artichokes in an olive oil that had the most gorgeous flavour. We had, by this time, decided that if the main course was up to the same standard as the starters, then we would book again for the next night.

For the next course I ordered Sojamedallions. These were round pieces of soya in a spiced, creamy mushroom sauce. This was served with Arugola Spatzle, a German noodle. The soya medallions were extremely ‘meaty’ and, had this not been a completely vegetarian restaurant, I would have been suspicious of their content. As for the taste, once again – it was lovely. My partner had a pizza, and once again it was up to the standard of what we had been served so far.

Somehow, I managed to squeeze in a dessert and chose Tartufo Affogato, which was two different kind of ice cream covered in hazelnuts and chocolate. This was served with a small cup of espresso coffee that was to be poured over the top of the ice cream.

Before we left we booked a table for the following night. Suffice to say, the food that night was plentiful and tasty. I certainly recommend the home made apple strudel.

If you’re in Munich, I heartily recommend this restaurant. The prices are very reasonable bearing in mind the amount and the quality of the food delivered.

And why Prinz Myshkin? It’s explained at the front of the menu for those of us who need to brush up on our Dostoyevsky.