Thursday, April 13, 2006

Emirates Airline


Flying to Australia is definitely where long haul lives up to its name. Previously I've flown with QANTAS and the food has been variable to say the least. In fact QANTAS holds the award for the worst tofu meal I have ever eaten – it was like eating a block of soap.

This time we flew with Emirates, and after seeing the large range of diets that they had available for their in-flight meals, I was eager to see what their vegetarian meals would be like.

On the first leg, from London to Dubai, I was presented with a vegan meal of tofu, rice and a mixture of peas and carrots. Accompanying this were a roll, a pack of cheese biscuits and two salads, one consisting of chick peas in a spicy dressing, the other a mixture of various lettuce leaves and a tomato. For dessert there was mixed fruit. It was okay. In fact, considering it was airline food, it wasn't bad. The tofu was marinaded in something, which gave it a bit of flavour and the salads were nice.

The main meal on the leg from Dubai to Singapore was a breakfast of mushrooms, a small jacket potato with the insides scooped out and replaced with baked beans, tomato and spinach. The mushrooms and potato were pretty much as you would expect them, and as I'm not a huge tomato or spinach fan (at least not when they are served on their own) I didn't eat them.

For the last leg of the journey, from Singapore to Melbourne, I was given spaghetti in a tomato sauce. I have to say that this was really nice. And, despite the fact it was only a small portion, it was quite filling. Accompanying this was a salad, that included a vegetarian sushi and a roll with cream cheese. Dessert was a toffee sponge with jam sauce. Again, this was quite pleasant.

There were other snacks served (a completely uninspiring asparagus roll springs to mind) throughout the journey and overall I thought the food was as good as any other airline I have been on.

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