Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soprano, Tunbridge Wells

Old High Street,
Tunbridge Wells TN1 1XF Map

Despite its name, Soprano is a Tapas restaurant, a stone's throw from the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. It's a very popular restaurant and is always full.

We were lucky enough, one Friday night, to arrive when they had a spare table. We were told when we arrived that they had two sittings and that we would have to leave by nine. As far as I'm concerned, it is down to the restaurant staff to make sure that happens by making sure the the food is delivered with enough time to eat it. If they do their job, then they'll be able to turn the table around.

The menu at Soprano is pretty good, with a host of vegetarian options. One surprise was that there was a vegetable paella, but not a seafood one which we both though was a bit strange. We chose a selection of dishes between us which included Patatas Bravos (potatoes in a spicy sauce), Vegetable Paella, Artichokes and Berengena Gratinata (Aubergine with cheese gratin) all washed down with a rather nice Sangria.

It was all very tasty, especially the artichoke, but some of the the portions were quite small and when we left we were still a bit hungry. Each of the main dishes was around £3 - £4 which can make the meal quite expensive if you have three or four dishes for your main course - which we did - especially so, if it doesn't fill you up. That aside, the service was friendly and the restaurant, although small, is quite well set out making it quite cosy.

The big test is whether we would go back or not and, providing we weren't really hungry, we probably would do, as the food was very tasty.

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shiveringgoat said...

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I have some great vegetarian recommendations for you in East London please email me and I will send you a short list.

I see you like Raymond Blanc, me too had the 10 courser vege at Le Manoir on our honeymoon, I have a great Vietnamese recomendation with the most AMAZING tofu pancakes with plum sauce ..nice!