Friday, May 16, 2008

A Dessert to Delight!

Last week I made another trip to Benares, on yet another TopTable deal. The food and service was as good as my last visit, but I have to make a special mention of the dessert as it was something else.

The picture doesn't do it justice at all, I'm afraid.

It was described as Tandoori Banana Crumble and the plate consisted of a baked banana, topped with nuts and various crumbs accompanied by chocolate amaretti biscuits and, what I can only describe as a "pistachio milkshake," complete with straw.

On its own, the banana would have made quite a pleasant pud. However, when a scoop of the banana was eaten along with a slurp of the bright green "milkshake" the flavour was superb!

Well done to Atul Kotcher for making one of the very best desserts I have ever had.

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