Monday, May 19, 2008

National Vegetarian Week - Monday

National Vegetarian Week is organised by the Vegetarian Society to raise the profile of vegetarianism. This year, I decided to make a different dish every day to take into work, to show them the variety of veggie food that I eat, as I'm sure some of them think I survive on salads.

It's difficult to create a dish that would be suitable for an office and be practical for me to create, so I decided to stick to buffet-type food.

For today's dish, I decided to do something that was a bit of a favourite on the Creative Cookery Cordon Vert course that I did as part of my diploma, Leek and Courgette Mini Muffins.

The recipe is fairly easy - you finely slice some leeks and saute them with some garlic, grate some courgettes and add them to the pan, then mix all of that with some flour, curry power, paprika, onion seeds, eggs, milk and olive oil. Once it's all mixed you pop it into a mini-muffin tray and stick it in the oven for 25 minutes.

I only have a single mini-muffin tray and it only has twelve holes. As the recipe I have makes about 40 it took me a while before all forty were cooked.

Although they are quite tasty on their own, they're best eaten with a filling of cream cheese, guacamole or some kind of "dip" and I took some cheese into work to serve them with.

They seemed go down pretty well, and although there weren't tha many people in the office today, there were only two left on the plate by the end of the day, which yours truly finished off.

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